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Why do you need CPR Refresher Course for your staff

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Do you own an office with a number of employees working tirelessly to help you run your business? If so then you’re more than just an employer. Having a number of employees makes you a leader and there are certain responsibilities that come along with this title. While you have to take of your employees’ pays and other facilities, one thing that you must not overlook is their health. As an employer and a leader, it is your duty to make sure that the health of your employees is being taken care of.  

One thing that is quite important when it comes to employees health is, their cpr training. While most offices do not have a cpr trained staff, it is becoming an absolute necessity with the rising number of heart-attack cases. Heart attacks can occur at the most unexpected moments and if not dealt with immediately, they can result in loss of life. If the person suffering from heart attack does not reach the hospital in time, it can be fatal for him/her. To avoid this delay, cpr training is an absolute necessity as the patient can be given immediate support, improving the chances of recovery by up to 3 times! This is why employees need to be given a cpr refresher course in Melbourne. There are multiple other reasons that illustrate cpr training to be more than just an ‘option’.  

Provide support without delay 

This is the first and foremost reason to provide cpr refresher course to your staff. The employees will be able to respond to any such emergency without panic or delay. The patient will be given immediate support, without any delay of being taken to the hospital. The employees will be able to use the right techniques to help the victim. They will be aware of the right procedure that needs to be carried out in order to save the victim’s life. This will greatly increase the odds of the recovery of the victim.  

Confidence among Staff 

If the employees are well-trained in the cpr course and they have the required first aid certificate in Brisbane, it’ll help them in becoming more confident about saving anyone’s life. So, in case of any such emergency, any staff member will be confident enough to carry out the required procedure without panicking. This will create a safer environment in workplace where every employee will be able to deal with such emergencies.  

Boosts Morale 

If cpr refresher course is made compulsory and every employee has a first aid certificate, it will definitely boost the morale in your workplace. The employees will know that their leader has concern for their health and will not overlook this crucial matter. The employees will have more faith in their boss and this will greatly affect their performance, positively. If the well-being of the staff is given priority, such as by offering cpr refresher course, it will boost the overall productivity of the staff.  

Saves lives 

If the majority of the staff is trained in the cpr techniques and procedures, lives will be saved even outside office. These employees can utilize their knowledge to respond to any emergency at home or any public place where someone suffers from a sudden heart attack. An employee with first aid certificate can respond in due time, increasing the odds of saving the victim’s life. This way, the employee not only benefits other employees in the office, but also any stranger at a restaurant or café and any member of the family at home.  

A good name for the company 

As mentioned earlier, cpr refresher course will earn you good faith. The employees will be confident about their boss’s concern for their health and well-being. This will boost the morality of the staff. But, the results are not limited to the staff only. It will also help you earn a good name for the company as your company will be recognized for its safety considerations for its employees. You will attract better employees who’d be willing to work whole-heartedly.  

So, all these reasons show that a cpr refresher course is no longer an ‘option’ for a workplace. In order to have a safe and health environment with employees giving their 100%, this training course is a must.   

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