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The proper gear for horse riding

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Horse riding is common sport taken up by people from a young age. It is a great hobby to develop especially if you love animals and are willing to invest the time in building a trusting relationship with horses. Not only is a great way to warm yourself up during the colder days, it is also a great form of exercise as it is physically challenging to learn to manoeuvre yourself on a horse and remain in sync with it. It develops core strength because in order to ride you need to have a proper posture which builds the muscles in your chest and back so that you can remain balanced. You are able to develop better coordination as you have to direct the horse in the correct direction and around obstacles such as fences and trees. In order to fully enjoy the thrill of horseback riding, your horse needs to be able to trust you as they can be unpredictable in the beginning. If you ever find yourself in a situation where trust has not been built with the horse then you are in danger of being thrown off which can cause bodily harm. Not only is it a physical activity but it also allows your mind to exercise in the sense that you have to communicate with your horse and give thought to executing certain movements and avoiding obstacles. With more and more practice, your brain will also fine tune itself and store the information necessary to perform the task better the next time around. Above all, it is a very relaxing activity as the natural rhythm of the horse has a calming effect on the mind. Horse riding is a sport that requires you to wear proper gear such as ladies’ jodhpurs or ladies’ breeches so that you can perform in efficiently and also provides you with the opportunity to compete in different types of races and events. 

Here is some of the gear that you need in order to carry out horseback riding: 

  • A helmet is a crucial for any riders it has the purpose of protecting the head in case you fall or any sort of impact. You can prevent harm to your brain and so no compromise should be made when you are buying one. 
  • A coat helps in keeping you warm but should not have things such as flaps that may interfere in your riding. There are also custom-made jackets available for riding that provide warmth to your legs and also allow you to ride freely along with extra padding on areas such as the elbows which are sensitive. 
  • Gloves not only keep your hands warm but also increase the firmness of your grip on the reins so should be worn whenever you go riding regardless of the weather. If you fall and the reins start to slip in your hands, the gloves will protect your hands from getting any scratches. 
  • Jodhpurs and breeches are riding pants that allow free movement on the saddle. There are also ladies’ jodhpurs and ladies’ breeches available that are padded in the knee area so that they not tear quickly and they also have twisted inseams to prevent friction. 
  • Riding boots provide a good grip on the saddle and must be flat to allow free movement. 

Ladies breeches as well as those for men are a clothing article that covers the body from the waist down and has separate coverings for the legs that stop just below the knee. Ladies jodhpurs, on the other hand extend to the ankles and usually have a cuff that fits on top of the riding boot; they have the advantage of protecting the calf from rubbing against the leather of the stirrup. The biggest benefit of these articles of equestrian clothing is that they are made from materials that are able to stretch and will fit your body more closely allowing for more flexibility in movement. They have reinforced patches on the knee which helps in bearing the weight and are way more comfortable that a pair of jeans. You can choose between varieties of colours and choose the one that you consider more stylish to make you entire horse riding experience a fashionable one. 

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