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Secure Your Knees, Live A Healthy Life.

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The legs are perhaps some of the most major extensions of our body, not only are the strongest generator of strength in our body but they are responsible for such a huge part of our daily function. They have the biggest muscle in the body as well as the longest bone in the body. We sometimes take for granted the function which our legs give us, especially that of the knee. The knee joint helps us to successfully perform a series of actions ranging from standing to sitting, to walking and running. The pivot joint is such a major part of our life which we don’t even realize. Just ask an athlete whose career was cut short due to a knee injury how important the knee joint is in the average person’s life. 
Every aspect in the rehabilitation can be a major challenge for the person suffering from the ailment. Whether they aged or suffered an injury in a younger age, the doctor in question is capable of handling just about whoever comes in through his doors and will be capable of treating them with his experience in the field, treating hundreds and thousands of patients in his life.  
Said doctor is Dr David Slattery. An orthopedic doctor who has had experience in his field for some 10-ish years now, which is more than enough to learn his way around joints in the human body and how to overcome whatever issues a person is suffering with at the time. Fun fact, not only is he a doctor, but he also has a law degree in health law! So if you ever need his expertise in the courtroom, he can ditch his scrubs and dawn a suit and be ready to represent you at the drop of a hat. Just kidding! Let’s have him stick to his day job, for now, we’ll deal with the rest later. 

If you are concerned about whether the doctor will check you out and suggest a surgery immediately after seeing you, we understand your apprehensions. It is a big deal to hear that you need to go in for surgery, but you can be sure that the doctor in question is more than capable of handling each of his patients for whatever issues they have going on with their knee.  
His first two solutions are medicine and physiotherapy, the last option is surgery. Depending on the case the worst case scenario can result in you having to go in for a knee replacement Melbourne. There’s no denying that this will be a big deal, however, rest assured that he will be able to handle the situation and that you will be in the best hands possible. 

One of the most common sets of clients who walk through the doors is the elderly and the young who have suffered some sort of sports injury which has put them out for some time.  
The older you get, there is more chance for osteoporosis to set in and cause a degeneration of the bones in the body. You may experience this as you age and confuse it with arthritis, however, we advise you to go ahead and get yourself checked out whatever aches and pains which you may have. 
As for people who have hurt themselves in sports injuries, we recommend that you make your way the Melbourne lawyers and get yourself checked out to make sure that you don’t have to go in for knee replacement in Melbourne. 

The doctor is also capable of dealing with all kinds of other bone related issues. Whether its broken bone from an injury or a degeneration as we talked about before, he is still an orthopedic doctor at the end of the day and will remain that way. His area of expertise may be joints especially, hip, pelvis and knee but you can be sure he’ll be able to help with all sorts of bone issues. 

We hope that you get the treatment which you need and get off as easily as you can without having to go for the joint replacement Melbourne surgery. That can be a major deal at times, but rest assured you will be in the best hands possible.  

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