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Four mega-tech advances from our lifetime 

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It’s amazing how the far the world has come is a very short space of time. In fact the pace of progress is so rapid that we have almost become blasé about the speed at which the developments happen. It’s got to the stage where things that were considered basic everyday actions by one generation are considered quaint and anachronistic by the next. In some instances not even ten years go by before technology that was considered indispensible is gone. Here’s our quick look at some basic everyday things that have advanced significantly in the span of our lifetimes. 

Time keeping 
Less than thirty years ago digital watches were brand new technology. Some of the really cool kids had digital watches that sported little calculators. Suddenly telling the time became much easier and a digital watch was all the rage. Now though watches have gone next level. They track your heart beat and your location, they can monitor your sleep patterns and they can link to Jumpa who monitor your activity for fitbit rewards. No longer just time pieces, the old school watch has become a personal assistant and training partner. 

No more getting lost 
It’s hard to imagine how we got around only twenty years ago. Maps books and pulling over to ask for directions were the order of the day. It was one thing driving around your own city but trying to navigate in a new town could sometimes be impossible. Now though, it is almost impossible to get lost. GPS technology has taken over and it is everywhere. You don’t even need a GPS anymore, it is all on your phone, complete with an accent of your choice, the ability to pick from different routes and the opportunity to look at a photograph of almost street address in the world. 

Spoiled for musical choice 
Remember when you used to save your pocket money to spend on a new album by your favourite artist. Or if things were tight, just a single. The old days of records then morphed into tapes and then compact discs – as the digital age finally arrived. In the late 1980’s everyone though CD’s would be around forever, the quality was impeccable, they stored easily and lasted much better than LP’s or tapes. But they are redundant technology now as everything is online. A subscription to Google or Alexa and you can play almost any song ever recorded just by issuing a voice command. There’s no more worrying about changing CD’s or jumping tracks, now it can all stream perfectly straight off the net. 

Knight Rider comes true 
People of a certain generation will all remember the show Knight Rider, the one that made David Hasselhoff famous, very fondly. The programme featured a car that could both drive itself and talk. Back then it sounded quite preposterous, but now, quite frankly it sounds quite mundane. The advent of the driverless car and advances in artificial intelligence mean that the science fiction imaginings of the team who conceived that programme in the mid 1980’s have come true. At the moment not many people will have had the opportunity to be lifted in a driverless car, but we all know about them, they will be all over our roads before we know it, it’s np longer something that is hard to imagine. 





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