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CSG Helps Australian Businesses Grow And Scale In 2018

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CSG, a leading Australian brand in managed IT services Canberra, is offering new and innovative products for other local businesses to thrive in 2018 and beyond. The New Year brings new challenges for many companies. With CSG, companies can benefit from fully-supported solutions provided by one supplier, thus simplifying the communications and cost estimate process. CSG has a national support network for companies located anywhere in Australia. Here is a list of solutions CSG offers for Australian SMEs and similar companies: 

Cloud Computing 

Cloud computing allows a business of any size to scale and grow with more efficient management of internal data. Cloud computing is now everywhere. While some start-ups may rely on public cloud, businesses that are growing should not. CSG assists local SMEs develop internal cloud networks that are highly secure as well as highly accessible. CSG cloud solutions include telephony, data management, accounting platforms, video conferencing, and total office desktop networks based on the cloud. CSG supplies the server infrastructure necessary to build a private business cloud without compromising security or capability. Local businesses can save costs and benefit from high-quality cloud services with CSG plans.  

Mobile Security 

More and more companies provide employees with office phone systems, which are increasingly at risk for cyber attacks. Employees may use office smartphones containing sensitive business files over public Wi-Fi networks that are notoriously susceptible to hacking. In this environment, CSG provides businesses effective security solutions for keeping mobile devices secure. The advantage the brand offers is top-notch cybersecurity at a rate even a small start-up can afford.  

Virtual Offices 

Would you like to offer your employees more flexible work environments and facilitate remote working? For companies with employees who need to be on the move, or for businesses that offer employees work from home hours, the logistics of the arrangements can be problematic. While email and Skype makes communication easy and possible, sharing files and security aspects can pose a challenge. CSG offers cloud-based services for businesses to create a secure virtual office that makes remote working not just possible, but simple and secure as well. Allow your employees to work from anywhere with an internet connection with minimal disruptions with CSG.  

Managed Printing Solutions 

CSG is one of the largest managed print contractors in Australia. CSG offers hardware and software solutions for improving the efficiency and reducing the costs of printing and copying documents. The brand offers some of the best contracts for hardware that allow clients to save up to 40 percent on printing costs. CSG consolidates printing systems, this streamlining the process and eliminating unnecessary cost. All contacts will come with benefits that are measureable overtime, so that clients can determine how lucrative the solutions are. CSG works in partnerships with many local companies to integrate printing systems while reducing overhead costs.  

Digital Display Solutions  

 CSG is a leading provider of digital displays for businesses for indoors, outdoors, walls, and other custom design areas. Digital signs are known to be over 30 percent more effective than traditional advertising signs. CSG’s displays are a highly effective method for showcasing visual marketing content for target audiences. Take your brand’s advertising efforts to the next level with trusted display solutions from CSG.  

CSG is committed to technological innovation and delivering the best solutions to clients. The brand also offers top-notch customer care that rivals some of the biggest name brands in the country.  

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