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Alternatives To Smoking Cigarettes

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Smoking is a habit for a lot of people. Its health side-effects are well documented but despite this there are many millions of people around the works who light up multiple times a day to get their fix of tobacco and nicotine. But while it is cigarettes that get a bad name, and deservedly so, there are lots of other ways and means for smokers to get their daily dose. Trends may come and go, but what stays constant is the addiction to nicotine. Here is a quick list of alternative methods, some more fashionable than others, for that fix. 

Let’s get modern 

Electronic cigarettes are growing in popularity on a daily basis to the extent that a recent survey showed that the phrase, ‘buy vaporizer Australia’ was one of the most search on the internet in that country. Vaporizer kits Australia are proving to be extremely popular due to the fact that it can be flavoured, like a hubbly, while at the same time it does not make use of actual tobacco. Doctors and health experts are still undecided on whether it is more-healthy than the old-school cigarette, but its lack of odour and ease of use have already seen it becoming very popular. 

Old School 

Not many people smoke pipes these days which, quite frankly, is a real shame. Yes, they can smell quite obnoxious, it’s true, but they have an air of considered old-world charm and comfort about them. The pipe, which is probably the oldest method for smoking, brings with it an air of sophistication. It also allows the user to switch between flavours of tobacco as each packing of the pipe can be done differently. Perhaps most importantly the pipe is a great tool for buying time in difficult situations. In olden days the idea of stalling an answer to a difficult question while packing and lighting a pipe.  


In many ways these are the powerful man’s cigarette. Think of leaders like Winston Churchill or Fidel Castro who are renowned for smoking these. For the ordinary man in the street though the cigar is typically used to mark important life moments. Typically lit up following the birth of a child or at weddings and bachelor parties, most people won’t smoke cigars on a daily basis, largely because they are intended to be smoked for the taste and less for the fix of nicotine. Most people won’t actually inhale the smoke, although this is not always the case. 


Also known as the Hubbly Bubbly this is an early eastern version of the electronic cigarette. Said to have originated in Persia or India, the idea with the hookah is that the toxic chemicals from the tobacco are filtered from the smoke by the water leaving something that tastes good to be inhaled. Hookas have become increasing popular in recent times as they are seen as social and harmless fun. Traditionally however they were not just used for tobacco smoking but were also used for the consumption of opium and cannabis.  

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