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A Comparison Between Search Engine Optimisation And Other Marketing Techniques

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We are all aware of the digital juncture that we are living in is changing and evolving at breakneck speed, such that keeping pace is getting increasingly difficult. Every day, we are witnessing how technologies are emerging and evolving with new digital inventions. There is introduction of new techniques, devices, applications and strategies, thereby changing the landscape of digital marketing at a fast pace.

However, there is one aspect of digital marketing that has survived the winds of change and still stands tall. It is regarded as one of the foremost and effective digital marketing strategies. It is SEO search engine optimisation.

To define in simple terms, search engine optimisation refers to applying techniques which include keywords, meta descriptions and making certain conversions, all of which help increase the ranking of the website. It is done so that the site appears right on top of the search engine whenever anyone searches for those keywords or for a product or service that is similar to your business model. Higher ranking means that higher traffic is witnessed on the website and that translates into increase in number of visitors converting into customers and boost in the sales as well as growth of the business. Overall SEO techniques still score well above other forms or modes of marketing, because it is

  • More effective
  • Traffic generated is not random but specific to the business
  • Is cost effective in the long run
  • Has greater impact
  • Is flexible

These are just some of the benefits of SEO. Further, a rough comparison of SEO and other digital marketing mediums is discussed in brief.

Comparison of SEO and other marketing techniques

  • SEO and SEM

SEO refers to search engine optimization and SEM refers to search engine marketing where by you, as a business, pay to the specific search engine for your website to be allocated the top spot. The two might be confused for each other and the terms might be interchanged too while referring to the other. But, the difference lies that for SEO you earn the top spot on the search engine results page organically, owing to the websites content whereas for SEM you pay for the spot. Thus, with SEO you only spend for website tweaking to earn the top spot whereas for SEM you have to keep paying to maintain the spot and pay for each click. So, in the long term SEO is more effective, results wise and cost wise.

  • SEO and PPC

PPC stands for pay-per-click and is a paid form of advertising which is highly flexible and transparent. But, unlike SEO it requires daily fixing of campaigns, bidding for keywords and paying for each click and visit to the site via the click, which might not necessarily convert into sales. This is not the case with SEO.

  • SEO and social media marketing

There is no denying of the fact that social media marketing has arrived in a big way and drastically changed and influenced the way digital marketing took place before it. It is an impactful form of advertising along with a wide reach. However, the drawback is that social media marketing is targeted only to those who visit those sites or are logged onto those portals or platforms. A typical user will first search for something on a search engine and then probably proceed to specific social media sites. Thus, the reach and impact of SEO is greater than social media networks.

Each digital marketing medium has its pros and cons and the best results are obtained by creating a harmonious balance. But, there is no denying the need for SEO.

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