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6 Ways To Promote Your New Website

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You can do plenty of things with a website, and the idea of earning money from it appeals to many people. Almost everybody has at least thought about setting up their own website at some point or another, although very few of us actually get around to it. The secret to earning money from a website is to get people to visit it – the more people visiting it, the more chances you have of raking in some extra cash.

Tell your friends

The easiest way to immediately promote your new website is by telling your friends. Even if they aren’t particularly interested in whatever you’re writing about on there, the idea of somebody you know creating a website is always intriguing and people will visit purely out of curiosity. Your parents, grandparents and other relatives will all want to have a look as well to see what you’ve created.

Share it on social media

Social media is a great free way of promoting a new website, and you can create a Facebook and Twitter profile specifically for your website as well. This will allow people to ‘like’ or ‘follow’ your pages without actually having to be friends with you on social networking platforms. It also looks more professional and you can update your social media pages for your website separately from your own.

Learn about marketing strategies

Content marketing is a vast field, but you can start learning about it by reading books, blogs and watching videos on YouTube. You can use it to promote links and other pages on your website, which will help you to earn money if people buy something or click through Social Media Marketing onto the advertised website. You can engage in this form of marketing by using videos, blog posts, quizzes and other types of content to keep people interested.

Create an email newsletter

If you want people to keep returning to your website, get them to sign up to something. In order to get people to part with their name and email address, which is all you need to set up a mailing list, you will need to offer some form of incentive. If you’re selling items on your website, offer 50% off a certain product or service. Alternatively, let them know that the website contains special offers and discount codes and you’ll soon have people signing up.

Start a blog

A blog is one of the best ways to get you ranking higher on adwords. Before you start your blog, learn some basic SEO skills, such as keyword usage and how to structure your blog posts. You can choose the tone you want to use when you write to your audience, but friendly, easy-to-read and engaging content always works best. Be helpful in your blog and write about things that people will be searching for and looking to learn about online.

Join related forums

You can get people to visit your website more by joining forums related to the same topic and posting on there. Don’t come across as somebody who is blatantly advertising their website, however, or you could get banned from the forums. Be helpful, friendly, make friends on there and share links to your website with other users (and don’t forget to return the favours!).

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